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Mayohan Sa Tayabas  

Mayohan Sa Tayabas (May 7-15)
A week long activity which showcases the best in Tayabas’ arts, products, culture and tradition. Highlights of this event is the Tiangge sa Mayohan, where Tayabasin craftmen, artists and entrepreneurs would gather together and showcase the genuine works of Tayabasins. This festivity culminates in the traditional Hagisan ng Suman which coincides with the Feast Day of San Isidro, the patron saint of farmers and laborers; a thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest throughout the whole year.
Araw ng Tayabas

Araw ng Tayabas (August 13)

Designated as the day for commemorating heroism of Tayabasins. The event calls for unity, strengthens social bonding and encourages Tayabasins to renew commitment to service.
Feast of San Miguel Arkanghel

Feast of San Miguel Arkanghel (September 29)

Celebration of the fiesta.
Hermano Puli

Hermano Puli (November 4)

A commemoration of the martyrdom of Apolinario dela Cruz (Ka Puli). A native of Lucban who organized and led the Cofradia de San Jose, a confraternity which resisted the Spanish rule from 1832 until the time of his death in 1841.

Puli was shot by firing squad on November 4, 1841 outside the vicinity of Casa de Comunidad in Tayabas. His body was cut up into pieces and his head put in a cage, stuck into a pole, and placed in front of his mother’s house.

The event aims at gaining respect and national recognition to the heroic deed of Apolinario dela Cruz or Hermano Puli.

Taytsinoy Festival (February 12)